Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Crossroads of Destiny

As many of my friends know, and I've discussed it on the podcast, I'm a huge fan of Destiny (the game not the metaphysical concept).  I've been playing Destiny pretty much since the beginning and have always had a blast doing it.  It quickly became one of my favorite activities while listening to podcasts and music.  However, lately I've been finding that collecting bounties and killing demon gods has become a little stale.  So, with The Taken King right around the corner, I decided that this is my time to choose whether I want to continue on the journey I started or call it a day.  The problem I'm facing is that The Taken King is a $40 investment to a game that I've already put a considerable amount of money into.  On the other hand, everything I see for TTK is making it look like a whole new experience that may well be worth the money.  Also, I am kind of excited to see how the ghost is going to sound when Peter Dinklage is replaced by Nolan North.  I think the question I'm facing is would TTK provide enough new content to make me feel like I got my money's worth?  I watched a video the morning where they broke down many of the new features and I'll admit, that put me a lot closer towards buying it.  I have a feeling this decision will come down the the last minute.  In the meantime, let me know what all of you think.  Have you played Destiny and if you did, do you still?

-Big O

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