Wednesday, December 2, 2015


WCNC Game of the Year: 2015 Edition

The nominees are dressed for the occasion
Hello game fans, the end of the year is upon us which means it's time for the first annual WCNC game awards! It's been a fantastic year for games so the competition is very close, but we have a few caveats to get out of the way before we dive in. First, my decisions here don't represent the opinions of all the members at WCNC. Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn't able to get a full discussion with everybody, but I'll try to represent their views as best I can. Secondly, there's a few huge game of the year candidates I haven't played including Mario Maker, MGSV, and The Witcher 3 so if they fall short of where you would like them, sorry but that's just the way it is. Without further ado, let the games begin...

Honorable Mentions:

Batman Arkham Knight- I really liked this game, but it just hasn't stuck with me the way Asylum or City did.
Destiny: The Taken King- I know it's technically DLC but the Taken King is what finally got me to cave on Destiny.
Evolve- This game gets so many points for creativity. It oozes atmosphere and is full of intense moments. But in the end, it's multiplayer only style just left it without much staying power.
Super Mario Maker- Boy, Big O and Beef are going to string me up for this one....

Now onto our winners:

#3. Metal Gear Solid: V

"Okay everyone, look cool"
This game boasts a huge open world, with endless ways to play its many missions. I personally haven't had a chance to play this one yet, but with the way Big O talks about it, I can't wait to sink my teeth (and time) into this world. 

#2. Fallout 4
Vault Boy is crying behind those lenses
Not giving game of the year to Fallout 4 was easily the hardest decision of this list for me. This is the game that has taken the most time from me this year (about 120 hours and counting) and I've loved every second of it. This is the most hyped up I've been for a game in a long while, and it has delivered in spades. From the improved combat, to the power armor system, to building the perfect bastion for society out of trash picked up around the world, everything is firing on all cylinders here except maybe the frame rate at times. Any other year Fallout 4 would have walked right to the front of my game of the year list, but this year it was stopped in it's tracks by this BLOODY masterpiece...

#1. Bloodborne

"Hello, is it me you're looking for?"
Yes, the fromsoftware hit is taking home the gold this year! I've adored every entry into the "souls" series, but they hit on something special with Bloodborne. It attracted people that have never been into this punishing world of games and turned them into badass hunters capable of battling anything in their path. The macabre streets are Yarnham set a grim tone that seeps throughout all of the bosses and foes. Slaying each hideously malformed beast is a challenge, but man does it feel good when they finally fall. So from all of us, thank you Bloodborne, you big, beautiful, blood soaked bastard.  


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