Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars and Twitch

Similar to the rest of the world, the West Coast Nerd Corps crew has come down with Star Wars fever.  Check out this weeks episode where we discuss our favorite Star Wars memories, give spoiler-free impressions of The Force Awakens, lament the expanded universe, and much more.

Episode 24: Star Wars

On a personal note, I feel that this is one of our best episodes to date, so make sure to tell your friends.

Now, on to our second piece of news.  We have recently set up a channel.  We're still experimenting with different media formats and want to find what we like best.  Twitch is a website that allows people to stream video games live while viewers can comment and participate with the broadcaster.  We have a small list of games we intend to stream and I think you will be surprised by a few.  Also, we will be taking suggestions (just keep in mind it needs to be a game that can be played on the PS4).  Go to the link below and follow the channel if you want to be notified when we broadcast.  We are also planning on putting the recordings up on YouTube, but still working on the logistics.

-Big O

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