Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

So, in the craziness of the holidays we decided to take a little break from the blog, but now we're back and better than ever.

First, the newest episode of the podcast is up and ready to be listened to:

Episode 26 Adaptations

This is our adaptations episode, it can be books, comics, movies, video games, or whatever based off another source material.  We discuss our favorite and least favorite adaptations over the years.  Also, don't be shocked if this becomes a reoccurring subject.  We had a lot to say.

Next, one of our newest projects is streaming on twitch.  Our first official stream was our spoilercast of Star Wars The Force Awakens.  Check out the video below:

Also, I think it goes without saying but spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens.
We really enjoyed streaming and expect to see much more of it from us in the future.  Well, you're pretty much caught up.  Keep checking us out for updates and new episodes!

-Big O

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