Monday, March 28, 2016

Episodes 36 & 37

So, life got interesting over the past two weeks and we weren't able to produce an episode.  To make up for it, we released two episodes this week.

First is episode 36.  Here, Panda and myself discuss Sony's VR announcements, their biggest competition, and the sick things you people do with your 3DS.

Episode 36 The Future is Now

In episode 37, we say farewell to a longtime friend of the show.  Rory has decided to leave Arizona behind him but not before taking one last trip to the recording studio.  In this one, Panda, Rory, and myself debate digital versus physical content, if it even matters which console you have anymore, and share a few fond memories.  Until next time buddy, you will be missed.

Episode 37 Rory's Odyssey

-Big O

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