Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Walk in My Irradiated Shoes: Chapter 2

A Walk in my Irradiated Shoes: Chapter 2

Goodneighbor. A suburb of Diamond City filled with ghouls and chem addicts with a serious attitude problem. That's where I find myself on this particularly dark day in the ruins of Boston. After a run-in with a thug at the main gate I find myself conversing with the mayor of Goodneighbor, Hancock. He's a ghoul wearing old colonial attire, and to be fair he is the biggest badass I've had the pleasure to meet since leaving Vault 111. After the pleasantries are out of the way (which involved him stabbing the aforementioned thug to death in the middle of the town), I ask him if he has any extra work for me. He tells me of a place called Pickman Gallery that he needs a status report on, so I gear up and head out.

Hell yes I added him as my companion at first chance!
Art is in the eye of the beholder...I guess.
I arrive at the Gallery to be greeted by a small band of raiders at the door. I switch out my sniper for my silenced 10mm pistol and clear them out quickly and quietly. I enter the building to more raiders who are arguing about finding the aforementioned Pickman. After picking off the raider scum, I start to realize just how freaky this house really is. Creepy paintings cover the walls. People are beheaded and impaled on spikes. Bodies are chained to tables. All the corpses have calling cards on them with the words "Find Me- Pickman" signed in blood. I see a hole in the wall and follow it under the house.
"I love what you've done with the place!"
How many raiders does it take to change a lightbulb?
The tunnels are filled with radiation and raiders. It's tight quarters down here so it's time for my trusty combat shotgun. After blowing through several bands of raiders, and navigating many twists and turns, I come upon a scene of three raiders surrounding a man in a classy suit. They tell him this is the end of the line, but the man doesn't seem concerned. The raiders open fire. In a split second I decide to help the man in the classy suit. Two of the raiders go down with easy headshots, but the leader is a tough S.O.B. After a few shotgun blasts to his ugly mug, the raider is on his last legs. Out of the corner of my eye I see the man in the suit run behind the raider and finish him off with a clean stab to the back.

As the smoke cleared, the man in the suit turns to me. He thanks me for the help although he's kind of a creep. Looking over at his name it all becomes clear, I just helped the serial killer Pickman get a fresh kill. He explains that although his methods are brutal, he only kills raiders. Since the only good raider is a dead raider, I decide to let him leave to continue his bloody streak across the wasteland. I find a lockpicking bobblehead on the floor of the room and head for the door. But something on the table catches my eye...

"Ohhhh comic!"

"IN SOVIET RUSS... Oh nevermind."

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