Monday, November 16, 2015

RAD Chat Episode 1

This week we're taking a bit of a break from the normal to post the first episode of RAD Chat.  This is the West Coast Nerd Corps Fallout themed podcast.  Join Rory and I as we talk about previous Fallout games and swap stories about Fallout 4.  How does Boston differ from DC?  Is the crafting system a good improvement?  Will we ever find our son or will he just need to grow up as a raider?  The answers to these questions and much much more in episode 1 on RAD Chat:

RAD Chat Episode 1

Also, I decided to finally take advantage of the PS4's screenshot taking abilities.  Here are some of the random things I've come across.

(Seeing the Sun for the first time in 200 years, probably pretty accurate to how most of the players feel after they're done)

(A glimpse of the perks chart)

(The Hero the wasteland deserves)

(Cowboy Curtis of Boston)

(That's no way to get ahead in life)

(I've heard of being bored to death at church, but it's usually not the preacher)

(Sorry man, I'll knock next time)

Look forward to new episodes of RAD Chat coming every few weeks.  We need more time to build up our stories and such.

-Big O

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