Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Walk in My Irradiated Shoes

A Walk in my Irradiated Shoes

I wake up in my house in Sanctuary Hills, ready to greet the wasteland. Well rested bonus in hand, I head outside to see what’s in store for me next. I trade a few things with Trashcan Carla, then head over to Preston Garvey to see who needs help from the Minutemen today. He tells me of a settlement named Greygarden that is requesting assistance as soon as possible. I scrap a few things, mod my sniper rife for more damage, then I’m on my way.

What do robots need with all this fruit?
Having not been to Greygarden before, I fast travel to the Corvega Assembly Plant just a few minutes away. It’s a pretty smooth walk there, other than some Mole Rats that I quickly dispose of. Cresting over a hill, Greygarden comes into full view and I’m taken aback by what I see. The whole place is run by Mr. Handy’s, under the watchful mechanical eye of Supervisor White. The robot leader tells me that the facility was finished being built mere days before the bombs dropped 200 years ago. But it isn’t all idol chitchat, White gets down to business and tells me of a water treatment plant down the hill that is needed to keep the garden alive. Only one problem, the place is crawling with super mutants. Of course it is.
"I have ALL of my eyes on you."
It looks so innocent from here
After climbing down the hill to the plant, I post up a good distance away to figure out my plan of attack. Through my sniper scope I count around ten mutants, with a mirelurk a safe distance away from them. I line up my first shot on a super mutant brute’s cranium. Bang. Watching their leader go down in one shot clearly pissed them off, because they all start charging and shooting my direction. My explosive indicator pops up pointing to my left. I narrowly avoid becoming charred bits flying around the wasteland, then enter V.A.T.S. to find the culprit. The targeting system lands on a super mutant wearing a tire on his head, who is aiming a missile launcher in my direction. I think we have our guy. So I line up a shot with a 54% chance of hitting. I use my critical strike to change that to a 100% chance. Better save than sorry. Bang.

After thinning a few more out of the herd of monsters, there are just a couple of stragglers left. I get charged by a mutant using a 2x4 as a weapon. It’s too close for the sniper, so I switch to the shotgun. Bang. He SPLINTERS into a million pieces thanks to the Bloody Mess perk. A horrible sound cuts through the chaos, and I quickly change to my sniper. It’s the beeping sound from a mini-nuke being held by a super mutant suicider. He begins his death charge at me. I pull up V.A.T.S to aim for his explosive, but the mirelurk has decided that now is a good time to come attack me. Not cool. I can’t aim at the bomb through the mirelurk, so I use V.A.T.S. to quickly drop him. Bang. Having no AP left, I realize I’m going to have to shoot this bomb unassisted. I look down my scope as the beast closes in. Take aim at the mini-nuke. BOOM. He’s gone in a dark mushroom cloud. That was too close.
They won't be needing this stuff anymore.
Now that the mutant problem is dealt with, time to steal all their stuff. Desk fans, guns, armor, ammo, it’s all up for grabs. I spot a tool case in a shack across the yard. As I cross the threshold of the building, I hear the sound of a wire snap. My explosive indicator points straight down.



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