Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Platinum Spirit

Trophies and achievements have become a staple of the video game community.  Whether you collect them or not, gamers are at least aware of their presence.  For anyone struggling to follow along, video games now come with a list of challenges to complete.  On Microsoft/Steam they are called achievements and on Sony they are known as trophies.  Different challenges are work various amounts depending on their difficulty.  Even though these challenges effectively only award you bragging rights, they can still be really fun to complete and collect.  Caught up? Good.  Even though I played on an Xbox 360 for years, trophies have always held a soft spot in my heart.  I think it was because I started off last console generations with a Playstation 3.  Instead of number values, the trophies go by color.  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum being the highest you can achieve in a game.  A platinum trophy means you have obtained all the other trophies on the list and effectively mastered the game.  There is a special feeling you get when you unlock a platinum trophy in a game you truly love.  Last night (early this morning) I was thinking about this and looked back to see what the last platinum trophy I achieved was:

Look at that date!  Almost six years ago!  I decided six years is too long.  I am going to earn a platinum trophy on a Playstation 4 game before January 21, 2016.  I've already decided on the game as well.  

It may seem kind of silly but this has honestly been one of my favorite games on the Playstation 4 as of now (Also it's on sale on PSN this week if you're interested).  It's a fun adventure and I get to play with all of my favorite Marvel super heroes.  I want to show my appreciation to this game by completing everything in it.  Stay tuned and I'll report updates as I go.

-Big O

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