Monday, October 5, 2015

Horror Month is in Full Swing

Horror Month is official here and we are in full swing.  Check out our first episode of the month for our thoughts on scary movies.  We are huge fans of everything horror, but there is something special about the feeling we get while watching a scary movie with the lights off.  Whether it's so bad it's funny or shakes you to your core, horror movies touch us in special way.

Episode 14: Horror Month The Beginning

Each year, the members of the West Coast Nerd Corps like to pick a scary game to play while going through October.  This year, I decided to play a Nintendo DS title that is quickly becoming a horror/thriller classic:

999 was released in America in 2010 and is the first in what is known as the Zero Escape series (look forward to the sequels in the following years).  I've always heard great things so I look forward to playing it and giving you my impressions later in the month.  The rough story is that you are placed on a sinking cruise ship along with eight other people as part of a game.  Now they must solve a series of puzzles to make it out in one piece.  Obviously, drawing inspiration from the Saw franchise, this game should offer twist and turns to keep you interested to the very end.  I'm actually very excited to start this game and look forward to sharing my experiences with you lovely people.

As for my trusted colleagues, Beef has decided to tackle Outlast

This is a first person horror/stealth game released in 2013, and is still known as one of the best modern horror games to come out.  You play as a journalist following a scoop in a strange psychiatric hospital.  The entire game is told through the reporter's handheld camera, using night vision to explore darker areas.  On a side note, when this game was first announced, the trailer almost gave me a panic attack.  I look forward to seeing Beef's thoughts.

Rory called dibs on Costume Quest 2 (my first choice for this year).  

This brilliant game by Double Fine productions is a comedy RPG that takes place on Halloween.  Play as a group of friends as they collect candy and battle an evil dentist bent on destroying Halloween forever.  

Look forward to our thoughts on these games as we get near the end of October.  Let us know what scary games you are planning on playing this Halloween.  

-Big O

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